Real Happiness Talk

Friday, October 4, 2013
Mayo Auditorium, UMN Campus

435 Delaware Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55455

By Donation

Happiness that is not shaken by conditions begins with imagining that such stable and open happiness exists, and could exist for us. We also need wisdom in order to know how to make such happiness real. This implies patience, perspective, and an ability to see things as they are. During this evening we will explore our notions of happiness, strength, aloneness and possibility. We'll practice meditation along with dialogue and discourse. Suitable for both beginning and more experienced meditators.

Donations for This Event

Common Ground Meditation Center has adopted the practice of "Dana" as both a spiritual practice for the community and a practical way to meet the financial needs of the organization. All of the programs at Common Ground are offered freely in the spirit of dana or generosity. As a spiritual practice, we are invited to explore the effects of giving and receiving freely, reflecting on the joy of receiving the teachings as well as the joy of supporting the Center.  This way of supporting each other is meant to be a source of joy and connections. This is a creative process and we expect that our understanding of generosity will deepen as we continue to practice and talk together.

LovingKindness Workshop

Sharon will also be presenting a weekend workshop on Loving-Kindness, October 5 - 6.  Tickets can be purchased at


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