There’s this nagging feeling,
you know it too.

It says, “feed me!”
I’m still hungry.
Around the next corner
          if I just look hard enough
                     I can fix it
                              or maybe just have some more...


In the quiet
a bird sings,
no mindfulness
          without compassion.





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Thanks Valerie! I'm trying to    Feb 3, 2014

Thanks Valerie! I'm trying to take the safest and most appropriate action.

anger    Feb 16, 2013

Hi Mr Crowley,

  I'm actually feeling quite excited for you after...

Looking for my dear friend in a crowded area…    Feb 6, 2013

Hi Shannon,

Great observations. I read the book, but seeing it again helps....

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hi elliot!

i miss you my friend.  i'm so glad we ran into each other...

retreat    Feb 26, 2012

Hi Tracy,

 3 weeks on retreat sounds heavenly. I hope it turns out to be...

an inconvenient thing    Feb 15, 2012

Thank you Ann for your comment.

I seem to be more compassionate for the...

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for    Feb 10, 2012

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for that.  Ill have to check out that talk if...

Thanks Debra.  One of my    Feb 10, 2012

Thanks Debra.  One of my teacher actually calls it, ( the shoulds...

the judging mind    Feb 9, 2012

Hi Christine,

  Are you still wearing your 1%er spiritual revolutionary...

guided meditations    Feb 3, 2012

Hi Kim,

 I've been listening the CD that came with the Real Happiness...