I’m sad that today is the last day, as I have felt a sense of support from knowing that I was part of this virtual community.  Will I continue  meditating regularly on my own, without the sense that I am keeping a commitment I made?  I truly hope so.  I hope my sense of responsibility toward myself can be as strong as the responsibility I felt to contribute the the 28 day challenge.  Challenge is the right word – this has been a very challenging month.  I’ve had to try and figure out a complicated medical condition, one where the doctors are far from agreeing.  I thought I had found a near-miraculous solution but now it seems it may not be so.  I am helped by meditation to not “add on” to this:  my fear that NOTHING will ever work or that this is the kind of thing that ALWAYS happens to me.  Nothing is clear yet, there are no definitive answers and that’s almost OK.  I think at some point I heard Sharon talk about equanimity – that is what I am hoping my meditation practice will guide me toward.  

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