Sleepiness and Restlessness



I’ve been thinking about sleepiness and restlessness.  In my recent visit to the Sleep Lab I had to fill out a questionnaire: did I get sleepy when I did this, that or the other?  No.  Despite my insomnia, I’m rarely sleepy.  Exhausted, often.  But not sleepy.  There also is a lot about sleepiness in the Real Happiness breath meditation:  if you feel sleepy, open your eyes.  When I’d come to that part, I’d think, somewhat impatiently, this doesn’t apply to me.   Or: if only I could feel sleepy. 

Then, in the Concentration section of Real Happiness, I came to a description I recognized:  “Restlessness is the flip side of drowsiness.”  I’ve always been physically and mentally restless.  I can barely sit still in a movie and a three-course meal goes on too long for me.   Sharon’s advice is to make the restlessness the temporary object of your meditation.  Yikes.  That seems like it would be feeding the fire, but I guess the challenge is to watch the restlessness but not be the restlessness. 

I did the body scan today for the first time and I was a little disappointed.  It didn’t seem different enough from a yoga class, say, and it was hard to feel that I was really meditating.





I, too, experience bouts of restlessness, and I will check out Sharon's book; however I have found two remedies that knock it for a good night's sleep. I get up and take Vitamin B Complex and B12 supplements - a good strong dose. If you stop and think about it B vitamin is known to be "the stress vitamin" What we're talking about here is nerves. Maybe your doctor would even prescribe injectable Vitamin B Complex.

Secondly, our body PH is an important consideration. It has been said that if we have an acidic body PH over time, the probability of getting cancer is high, whereas if our body PH is kept alkaline the probability is lowered greatly. Some say a person will not get cancer if they keep the body PH alkaline. One thing I do is to get up from bed when I am restless. I will drink about 3/4 c of water with 2 tablespoons of red vinegar. This knocks the restlessness immediately, and I can sleep through the night.

You can search about Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin B12 online, and will find quite a bit of information. The same is tru about body PH.

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