I heard a bird.


Sharon’s introduction to our week 4 encourages opening our attention~ taking a step away from limited attention.

I have been reporting often in my blogs about the sensations of anxiety I feel my body, the river of doubt that runs in my mind, and the discomfort I feel with what I might bump up against in a day. Opening my attention. Let go. Thank You for this, Sharon. I feel excited. I feel my hand on a door knob that could lead to a room of treasure. I feel like the week ahead I could go from being a blind folded swimmer to opening my eyes and seeing what really is below the surface.

This morning as I sat. I heard a bird. I wondered it’s name. Then I heard it’s call again and the response to it’s call and then the entire forest around me in full orchestra.

I notice how when I ask the bird’s name I close the door to hearing it’s song. Today I will continue to reread a script I wrote. I want to read it to hear it and see what needs filling or emptying.  I have been having a hard time hearing it through my judging and editing mind. I will encourage myself to open my attention and see what’s there.



The day after

Isn't it really all about accepting that we are made in the image of God
and are therefore perfect for our journey here- If we are still enough and trust we can begin to
see thru the veil and know that perfection or we can get caught in the muck-
Today and going forward I want to raise my consciousness and find the quiet
to know my wholeness-

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