Confessions of a Pinterest addict

I've become addicted to Pinterest. Seriously. I ruined my eyesight yesterday, poring over hundreds of photos, capturing them greedily and pinning them onto my new Pinterest boards.

Talk about being attached to things! I was attaching photos of buddhas, bowls of oatmeal, grains of sand, beautiful bottles, delicate cobwebs, blue doors, red skies, hennaed hands, chocolate cupcakes, bracelets, hay bales...everything I saw online was magical and meaningful. 

And I wanted it all!

But I stopped myself (admittedly after several hours.)

I sat down and closed my eyes. Images of everything I'd been staring at all day flickered under my eyelids. 

I let all of them go.

Goodbye cats, dogs, Moroccan tiles and African plains.

Goodbye surf, sand, mountains, moons and Malayasian temples.

Hello quiet.

Hello breath.

Hello Sharon.

Hello everything you've taught me.


....and out......


.....and out.....


Thank you Sharon.

Thank you breath.

Tomorrow is another day.

There are millions of moments out there for my eyes to capture.

And one thing to always remember:

My breath.




How funny! I just found one of your pins on Pinterest this morning and started following you. Yes, that site is totally addictive! I told my husband we needed parental controls on the computer to block me from it. I read one of the other comments. I didn't know it had already been around for a year. I've been trying to be more mindful of my computer use and have even started keeping a notebook by the computer and jotting down what I want to do before I start, and then keep notations of how long I'm doing each thing, etc. I just did that for a few days and it helped me be more aware. Kind of like when you have to write down what you eat, you think twice before eating it. Thanks for blogging, and being real!

Thank you!

What a terrific idea! Seriously, I am going to take your advice and start timing myself mindfully. Once I fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I forget important emails and calls to friends, not to mention work and deadlines! I know there's an app for blocking you from certain sites, but I like the old fashioned notebook, Very mindful.

That's so funny that you found a pin of mine! I have no real idea of what I'm doing, but I'm enjoying life online and's all about finding a balance. 

Maybe we can meet in person someday. Meanwhile, it's lovely to connect her and on Pinterest!

Important reminder.

Important reminder. Perspective, it's so important. Like you, I love Pinterest though my love affair has tamed after a year of using the platform. I take it in snippets and bits now.


Thank you for this important reminder. Today's obsession is tomorrow's lesson. I look forward to a time when Pinterest is a part of my daily routine and not a breathless distraction!

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