Hmmmmm....A 28 Day Meditation Challenge...


In a few hours I will be en route to Congo via several stops. I'm thinking that the first meditation I'll be practicing for this "challenge" will be in the air...! I likes.

I'm really looking forward to all of my fellow "challengers" posts and to the experience we're choosing before us. Since I'm not bringing my computer and I plan to completely ignore my phone for the next few days to give my full attention to the opening of VDays "City Of Joy", I imagine this'll be my only post for awhile. 

Coinciding/beginning these two experiences is sure to be quite a process! I'll try to take notes if/when stirred, though no promises as journaling has always been difficult; I'm easily distracted. 

Maybe meditation will help me with that...?


Hmmmmm....A 28 Day Meditation Challenge...


I love love love that

I love love love that picture! I have it on my fridge, makes me smile everyday.
I'm not the best at journaling either, I tend to over think it. Now I'm trying to just go with the flow, keep the journal with me, and write whatever whenever. Even if it's just a word. If I want I can always go back and expand on it later. Hopefully meditation will help our journaling skills!


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