Goodbye to the 28-Day Challenge

Yesterday our 28-day challenge came to an end. I guess since it is a leap year, we can celebrate today too. Many find it a tremendous help for their practice to have a period of conscious dedication like this. And the community that formed, with shared vulnerabilities, gifts and candor, is so beautiful. I hope we continue to find ways to be in touch, and as everyone probably knows, I’m on twitter a lot. (and do regular tweetchats)You can always ask me a question that way, or via email. I travel a lot, so please have patience about my answering. And I hope you find ways to continue to support one another, and new friends as well. Please keep meditating…it makes a real difference in life.

May the merit (positive energy) of this work be dedicated to the welfare and happiness of all those who have helped us, those who are hurting, and all beings everywhere. May all beings be safe, be happy. May all beings live in peace.


one more thing...

I was impressed when I was able to relax so my massage therapist could tackle my troublesome neck and shoulder areas in ways we haven't been able to before. I know I will have to relax even more next time, too. I also was able to watch my blood pressure come down at the dentist's office. I really could focus, relax and bring it down more and more. It was amazing. I credit the meditative practice. AND when I feel better, I love others better. Great stuff.

thank you!

What a wonderful challenge. Ironically, I found myself progressing each week because I became more attentive and aware - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also saw this branch out into my relationships - whether in reaching out to a friend, learning the painful and joyous stories of new ones, counseling people, celebrating a new marriage or grieving with those who just lost their son. Perhaps these opportunities always abound and now I am making the connection. Either way, they are there daily and I am blessed to be a part of something bigger than myself. I look forward to incorporating a regular meditation practice. I am grateful I found my next step. And, by the way, I'm getting better at working through my scar tissue and my balance is improving! We (me, my yogi, my chiropractor and massage therapist) are ready to tackle trouble spots in my neck and shoulders that were not possible to address before. I have longed to get to this point. I trust a meditative lifestyle will assist me greatly during this process and launch me forward even more. Thank you again.

last day of the challenge

Thank you Sharon and everyone who participated. I will look forward to the next challenge. What a timely blessing this one was!

Thank you

What a gift to all. With deep gratitude.

28 Days of Meditation

Another year,another 28 days.This is my 2cd year with everyone for the 28 day sit.Thanks Sharon for putting this thing together and I hope everyone will keep sitting until next year.Love and blessings to all.Hope everyones here again next year.

Love and Compassion

Thank you for this blessing. For me, it was an opportunity to sit and meditate and "visit myself" more frequently. There were times when I missed myself and realized I missed meditating for a day or two. Missing myself was a gift because in my sittings my metta for others and the world is new and has given me a joy that I had not experienced before. And in that process, I feel compassion for myself and others. I don't tweet and in the past 3 months I am no longer on FB and am sorry to have missed comments.

28 days

Thanks for your comment. I do not tweet or blog or am not on face book. I appreciated your comment and can relate to the feeling of not being so in touch with everyone. I was able to read comments on this page so that helped along the way but I often felt out of the loop because I am not main stream with all the latest. However, I do meditate and am so happy for that.

Thank you!

I, too, have felt sad about this ending, but I'm glad you're on Twitter! I have learned a lot and definitely plan to continue. Thanks to all the bloggers and to you!!!

For the first time I have

For the first time I have maintained a consistent meditation practice which would never have happened without the 28 Day Challenge. I have been seen benefits, not the least of which is feeling good about showing up, despite not wanting to, not enough time, or whatever the reason. Thanks you SS and to all in the community who have participated. I am starting another "28 Days" today. Best wishes to everyone as we continue our journey, Namaste.

thank you for the "challenge"/opportunity

I wanted to thank you for offerring this space and time. It has meant so much to me as I am in what seems a huge transition time. I attempted to meditate everyday and to "blog" as well by commenting on blogs here. My blogging fell away, but the meditation was more consistent than ever before (though not daily as I had intended).

However, what I had not intended or hoped for has actually happened. I am being so much more mindful in my daily life. The best example is that I can make a mess in a very short period of time. I turn around and can't believe how I have left things all over and don't realize it or most of the time even see them.

I decided 2 days ago to challenge myself for the month of march to be conscious/mindful of anything that I am holding in my hand. To actually feel its touch and to mindfully place it where I choose to place it. I couldn't believe that I can actually able to feel the sensations. This is something I have rarely been able to do. I believe it is because of the meditation from this month. I still cannot really feel the breath at the nostrils or the walking on my feet, but I can sense both in other parts of my body. And I am now aware of what my hands are doing. Since I usually learn things best through kinesthetic and tactile, this is feeling so wonderful to me.

And now I am noticing so much new mess.

I also believe that as i continue my meditation practice, I will discover new abilities and release old no longer of service patterns.

Thank you again.

As I am writing this, I just thought of keeping a meditation journal. Perhaps that will be another new addition to my life.

Namaste, Sharon, from another Sharon

Sharon, what a major

Sharon, what a major accomplishment for you. This new found mindfulness of what you are holding, or where you place something is huge! The practice has a way of opening us in unexpected ways. I wrote today that I am starting another 28-Dayer as having a set block of time has been helpful. This is the first time I've ever had any consistency with meditation, and it feels good, Best to you as you continue. Namaste' Pat

Yes, it does feel huge.

Pat, congratulations on continuing your practice for the next 28 days. I agree with you about the opening in unexpected ways. I wish you well on your journey.
Namaste, Sharon M.

Hello to Goodbye

When I saw your title "goodbye to the 28-day challenge" in my email, I had a "sad" kind of reaction. Exactly the kind of reaction I always feel to Goodbyes to things I don't want to see leave. Most of the time I will even try to avoid saying goodbye. Or I will purposely say goodbye because "just in case". Or I will practice saying goodbye until it doesn't hurt so much. (A lot of this is tied to my brother dying suddenly almost 20 years ago).

But, after I submitted my first comment to your post.... i realized i needed to comment on just this. And isn't that a major part of the meditation practice... to not try to hold on to the pleasant. during my meditation, i kept thinking that i've never felt the pleasant to even think of holding on. but, here it is right now. the entire experience.

you called it "goodbye", so final to me, and i reacted.

so.... here is another lesson or opportunity to practice... just witnessing and letting it pass by. the 28 day challenge has ended. Goodbye. and continue to settle lightly on the breath.


Thank you for this

Thank you for this opportunity, and for everything else you've taught me. 



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