28-Day Meditation Challenge 2018

The 2018 REAL HAPPINESS Meditation Challenge had over 23,000 participants! The eighth year of this 28-day challenge followed the program outlined in Sharon’s New York Times bestseller: Real Happiness. Participants pledged to sit and meditate each day for the entire month of February, followed guided meditations from Sharon

The 2018 challenge has concluded but you can participate in 2019!

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In 2018 we had over 300 participants blogged about their experience through the month. These posts offer an honest look into what the cultivation of a regular home practice is really like, and some of the common experiences we all have when we practice.

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  • February 13 I Give Myself Permission To Be Hurt By Love by

    Brené Brown has a wonderful ritual of writing yourself Permission Slips. When she first went on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday she explained in her jeans pockets were Post It’s with Permission Slips. One said “Permission to wear my fancy Read More

  • February 13 Smell the soup by

    Mindful eating is something that I need to improve on. Most of the time, I’m sitting at my desk or trying to do something else at the same time. This meditation always puts in perspective how much we’re on the Read More

  • February 12 Day 11 of 28 by

    Richard R here and happy to be participating again. I’m a psychologist, 72 years old, and have escaped the frozen NW part of CT for Naples Florida. Deeply grateful to be here and learning to live with change. Impermanence, aging, Read More

  • February 12 On the move by

    I think that walking meditations are my favorite. Being able to be outside and experience nature while taking some time for yourself. These ones always seem to go by quickly.

  • February 12 Let Sunday Be Sunday by

    I think endlessly of all the exciting or nerve wracking things that might be, Future tripping as it’s sometimes called. In Addiction Medicine we say “Yesterday is Hiatory and tomorrow is Mystery.” So all that matters is now, and when Read More

  • February 11 Hygge, Being Enough, Thank You Lottie by

    The Swedish term Hygge is translated as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” The opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance; it’s that there’s enough. This concept of enough translates into- I got enough done today, I got enough sleep, and that I Read More

  • February 11 Options by

    Day 10 Today I reflect on the inspiration bit of the day. I repeat to myself “options, options, options.” I try to engrain it in my brain. Then I turn to the dictionary as I so often do. Option comes Read More

  • February 11 The Container by

    The terrarium was to turn moldy in a week, the instructions said Instead the grass roots delved and connected through the layers of soil, sand and rocks, forming a net, like arteries, like ant roads When it was new we Read More

  • February 10 They Can’t Tear Down Our Love 💕 by

    When I did my Pediatrics Residency at St Vincent’s in Manhattan I rotated through the Neonatal ICU known as the NICU. The NICU was by far the most stressful rotation I ever did. The NICU Nurses were salty and tough Read More

  • February 9 You Have To Be In a State Of Grace To Receive Grace by

    I was driving home from a fertility appointment today and stopped at a light. I rolled down my window to give money to a homeless woman panhandling. I can remember the first time I was in college that I saw Read More

  • February 9 Day Nine, A Poem by

    It might fly away. It might stay.   Curiosity. Gently holding. Observation. That is the only medication.

  • February 9 Take a walk by

    I wasn’t able to do this meditation until late today so I took a walk around my bedroom. I enjoyed the sensation of walking with my bare feel on the carpet. It always gives me such a good feeling. I Read More

  • February 9 Thank you! by

    Thank you for this opportunity to join in. I have found I love the simplicity of Sharon’s meditation style. Often I get caught up in the construction of a meditation, this one, that one… and which one will I do, Read More

  • February 9 Slowly I turn….step by step by

    Walking meditation is something that I really enjoy.   I love the physical movement of it and allowing my body to participate more in the here and now.  I run for a similar reason because it has a texture that really Read More

  • February 9 Walking Meditation A Poem by

    Warm sun on my skin Buzzing of airplanes passing above me Dogs barking down the street An orange butterfly on pink flowers Coal on the grass watching me   My feet lift and lower onto the earth Black socks Brown Read More

  • February 9 Week One Truth Bomb by

    I have been meditating off and on for about 10 years now, and I appreciate how the 28-day challenge offers a chance to focus on the skills that may be forgotten when mediation becomes more intuitive. For instance, many years Read More

  • February 9 An issue I have not yet seen addressed… by

    I am enjoying the meditations and am hoping that a meditation issue of mine is addressed somewhere along the way.  I am pretty fortunate – most times that I meditate, I achieve peace and clarity.  I have had some wonderful Read More

  • February 9 The Super Bowl Parade Runs Right Through My Bed by

    Today, two incongruously related things are taking place about 50 miles from each other: a Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia and me meditating in my bed. Both are achievements more than 50 years in the making and both are happening Read More

  • February 9 Day 7 and an itchy ear 👂 ✨ by

    The weeks focus was concentration.  I reacquainted myself with the word on day one and have carried its definition with me all week.  It’s simple but not easy: exclusive attention to one object. On today’s meditation this concept is very Read More

  • February 8 Bye distractions by

    Short blog today due to lateness. I feel it went well today. Nothing stood out.

May all beings be happy ♡