28-Day Meditation Challenge 2018

The 2018 REAL HAPPINESS Meditation Challenge had over 23,000 participants! The eighth year of this 28-day challenge followed the program outlined in Sharon’s New York Times bestseller: Real Happiness. Participants pledged to sit and meditate each day for the entire month of February, followed guided meditations from Sharon

The 2018 challenge has concluded but you can participate in 2019!

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In 2018 we had over 300 participants blogged about their experience through the month. These posts offer an honest look into what the cultivation of a regular home practice is really like, and some of the common experiences we all have when we practice.

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  • February 1 Commit to sit by

    Hello All, I’m Elyce from Brooklyn. I teach yoga and meditation (and am a single parent of a 10-year old). Despite teaching people the value of sitting, breathing and being in their bodies, as it happens sometimes, I am disconnected Read More

  • February 1 Navigating New Territory by

    After an emotionally trying year – starting just about the time I began Sharon’s “Real Happiness Meditation Challenge” in 2016 (for my first time) – I’m excited to be taking the challenge again, and involving members of my family as Read More

  • February 1 1st time by

    Great. What happens, how do I get started. Do I receive an email today?

  • February 1 First post by

    Hi everyone! looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow. Best wishes. Betsy

  • February 1 I am ready to sit for 2018 by

    The cycle of the year for me is one that February is like an oasis after all the hecticness of the holidays. We have three family birthdays in January plus this year there was a baby shower and a christening Read More

  • February 1 Week One of the 2018 Challenge by

    Welcome. I’m looking forward to our month of practice together. This first week is devoted to the deepening of concentration. There are several skills inherent in the art of concentration, 2 prominent ones being balance, and the ability to let Read More

  • January 31 Looking forward by

    I will be on a 7 day personal retreat for part of February, so I will miss a few days. I hope to return with renewed insight and juicy substance to share. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to connect Read More

  • January 31 Happy to be back by

    This is the third year i will be blogging during Sharon’s 28-day meditation challenge and I’m so thrilled to be back. I’ve been working on cultivating a daily mindfulness meditation practice – it’s not easy! I try to do something Read More

  • January 31 Hello Out There! by

    I’m looking forward to the support and structure of this challenge. My intent is to find my way back to a daily practice, and to strengthen it. Meditation was a large piece of my recovery from a panic disorder almost Read More

  • January 31 2018 #RealHappiness by

    Hello Everyone, It’s good to be back. Ready to read what you’ve all got to teach me _/\_

  • January 31 Gratitude by

    Thank you, Sharon, for this opportunity to engage again with lovely people and your generous work.  It is a privilege to be a part of this peaceful community. Sending my love to all.  

  • January 31 Hello to you all … by

    A warm hello to everyone taking part in Sharon’s meditation month. I am Denise, from beautiful Cumbria in the UK. I have some challenging physical conditions and I used meditation to cope with them. I will blog about my experiences Read More

  • January 30 Hello 2018 by

    Looking forward to participating in this year’s challenge!

May all beings be happy ♡