A Life of Mindfulness

Namaste, The next day from returning from a 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat, I went to the market to restock my refrigerator. The drive to and the time at the market were surreal. I felt like I was driving so slowly and the world was speeding pass me. As I stood in an aisle at the market, I felt like I was in a video standing still and other shoppers seemed blurred as they rushed pass me weaving and dodging each other with their carts. The time at Vipassana made me sensitive to how we rush through life to accomplish our daily tasks. Through a continuing meditation practice, I have learned to slow down, which has enabled me to be mindful throughout my day and I still accomplish my daily tasks. I do have lapses and I catch myself rushing but these lapses are now few and like thoughts during meditation I gently let go and return to a mind of mindfulness. Namaste