A “New Frame of Reference”

A New “Frame of Reference” Beth D. Weinstein

As I get older (and sometimes wiser), I become less confident and occasionally fret over my physical appearance, wrinkles (where the heck did those come from?), a juicy middle section, more gray in my hair, fewer and fewer Yoga Asanas I can enjoy. I rarely miss an opportunity to be disappointed with some aspect of my physical body. Recently I went to a physician and the RN was a sweet, friendly (and may I say handsome), wise-man who grew up in West Africa. He asked me to “hop” on to the scale. I protested with some self-deprecating comment following. The wise-gentle-man said, in West Africa you are a perfect frame, and he asked me “Why do you say you need to change?” Great question. I promised myself that after that I would practice looking at the whole person (inside and out), perhaps in the mirror, and state out loud “What a lovely woman.” It’s high time that I admired the amazing and fascinating machine the body truly is – all the highly detailed jobs it is doing simultaneously. A real Willy Wonka invention deserving unending care and certainly not to be underappreciated. A Perfect Frame he said. My new practice will be to have A New Frame of Reference.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read so many inspiring posts and share my own blog posts during this 28-Day meditation challenge and for motivating me further to continue to practice and practice and practice.

Beth D. Weinstein

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