a warm blanket

Hmm. Loving Kindness. The piece of this practice that’s especially difficult at times is directing loving kindness towards myself. When I envision my heart glowing a bit along the borders and pair this with gratitude practice, it becomes more accessible. I’ve also begun imagining love as a warm and constant support within the body, bathing the organs and emotions in a blanket of acceptance. I then have the sense that my own experience is part of the human experience; that we share the same depth and breadth of emotions and somehow, this creates ease and interest even during the more painful sensations. It seems like more often, I’m able to observe myself in real time and choose to step forward past doubt, buoyed by the real sense that all of us feel doubt and its not particular to me, not a personal failing or feeling.

I’m going to leave it at that. Thank you to all for sharing the practice this month.