A word.

Today, Sharon’s soothing voice calls upon on “to see if you can feel just one breath…feel the breath from the beginning, the middle to the end. Maybe there’s a word.”

and then, just like that, “Stomach” is the word that comes to mind. Not “warmth” or “tingling” but the belly that hangs over my blue jeans as I sit, resting my attention. My other words are generally “peace,” or “love” or “focus” partnered with my inhales and/or exhales. I smile to myself, trying to channel yesterday’s meditation in which we were encourage to let extraneous sounds come and go. This stomach. She is extraneous. Not the word that will deliver tranquility or inner calm. I don’t accept her, yet I don’t discard her. Let her go. Or at the very least, dress in loose clothing the next time you sit. Inhale loose clothing, exhale loose clothing. Ahhhhhhhh.

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