Agitation and Peace

This week’s focus on my body has brought light to my tendency to breeze over this part of my practice.  It’s not that I have not practiced connecting with my body; it is actually a large part of my daily practice now.  The difference is in the depth of awareness.  This week’s guided meditations supported the deepening.

Today, as I stood at my sink, the thought that first arose was: “There’s always something to do.”  Ah, and I feel my tendency to go fast with thought, to complete the task.  To be annoyed.  Today, I stayed with the slow and just felt and noticed.  Ah, peace is there too.  And then I realized that I needed to refill my soap dispenser.  Really, right now?  During my meditation?  WTF?  Enter Agitation.

And got to do that with mindfulness too.  It is all part of my picture.  My real life. Everyday.  I slowed down today to experience it all.  The agitation and the peace.  And I arrived is a space of contentment with what is.