All Dharma as Dreams

I am not new to meditation, but I am new to blogging. I come to it with ambivalence; it has a very narcissistic feel to it for me. On one hand it is nice to keep a record of your thoughts (or, is it? Are my thoughts that important that they require recording?), on the other hand, why do my thoughts need to be public? It reminds me of Stuart on that old SNL bit-“Look what I can write! Look what I can write! ”

In any case, maybe writing will help me recognize something useful to use to practice with that I hadn’t noticed before, and if anyone cares to read and comment, maybe their comments will be useful as well, and it could be a nice way to be supportive of each other. I am a bodhisattva in need of a sangha 🙂

Maybe this would be useful to someone. It’s how I end my meditations:

May I be free from suffering and find peace

May all beings be free from suffering and find peace

a few years later I added this:

“I  have within me the ability to end my suffering, have unlimited compassion, and to understand that all beings are connected. Om mani padme hum”

I don’t remember where I learned the english (I think it is Sharon Salzberg related!), but I had read somewhere that that is the meaning behind the (Pali) words om mani padme hum.

Here is more information on this mantra according to the Dalai Lama

Thank you! 🙂


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