Almost time to start!

Hello there!

My name is Leonieke. I’m a 26 year old from The Netherlands. At this point in my life I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a lovely place to life, an amazing boyfriend and some really nice friends and people around me. Still, there is something shimmering in the background. The feeling that all that I do, could be done so much better. Not by someone else, but by me. I want to do better.

At this point I am finishing off my study to become a teacher (biology). I am in my fifth year (of a four year study). I am working already as a biology teacher a few hours per week, and I have a job in a sportstore to get some extra money in. I do a lot, but i do nothing full. I tend to quit when I don’t know how to do it. I start a work-out routine, but it never comes to a routine because I quit when it gets tough. I start an assignment for my study, but when it gets hard I push it forward for another time. The one point I am really positive about is my teaching. I would love to focus more on that and teach more classes than I do now. The only way to get there: finish my study, so I can quit my side-job and focus full on my teachers job.

I need the focus. I need the discipline. I need the courage.  I need to get my mind in the right place. And I am confident that, with this meditation challenge, I will get myself in a better place. A place where I can do it all.

I am ready for the adventure, for the ups and downs.