And So I Begin Again

I’m not new to this: to mediation, to mindfulness, or to being a student, but as I sat this morning on Day 1, it all felt brand new. The soft subtle body of my consciousness was waiting for me to be with it, as it always is. So tender and patient, so ever-present that it breaks my heart wide open, again. I’m surprised at how much softening is possible. The human capacity for love and compassion is our greatest strength. When I tap into mine through meditation, I’m awe struck. How can that be, I wonder? When, in truth, my heart has been heavy with grief for the last 24 hours. My breath and my body lead me to the truth of this sadness. Beneath it is love. Love that is soft and welcoming like a warm bed on a cold night, love that is strong as steel, love that is rising up like a powerful tree rooted deep in the earth, love that is inspiring like the painted colors of a sunrise. It’s every kind of love. It has no limit and is always there, waiting and available. All I need to do is use my breath, like a signal, to call it forth.


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