Approaching the Challenge with a Beginner’s Mind

As I was reading the first chapters of Real Happiness and reviewing the Day 1 Meditation Preview, my judging mind started in almost instantly, “I already know all this stuff. I’ve been meditating for years. I’ve even been on meditation retreats. Am I going to get anything out of this month?” I noticed these thought patterns, but didn’t get caught up in them. And they inspired my intention for the month: to practice with a beginner’s mind. To practice as if I have never practiced before. To use the techniques that are being offered, even if I “know” that other techniques work better for me. To simply notice what I am experiencing in my practice, without evaluation. To perhaps discover new avenues, new experiences, new depths that my judging mind may have led me to miss. Or perhaps not.

I was drawn to this challenge to bring structure, consistency, and community to my practice. That is enough. I don’t need big insights or major breakthroughs. I simply need to arrive on my cushion, with curiosity and openness. With a beginner’s mind. Please join me.

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