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Turning Off My Thinking Mind

Hello Body!   There you are at long last.   Noticing  . . . Tightness, tension, breath, gravity. No stories, just facts.  No analysis, just feeling.   Easing into this moment. Feeling the aliveness of my body. Turning off my Read More

Week 1 – Sitting with Discomfort

When I first tried meditating several years ago, I remember struggling between trying to still my body and my mind.  At first, I found it incredibly difficult and physically uncomfortable to sit still, which was then followed by my many thoughts,  “My knee really hurts . . Read More

2bpresent in 2016!

We are thrilled to be blogging again this year in Sharon’s Real Happiness Meditation Challenge.  I invite all 2bpresent followers to join the challenge and commit to sit this month.  The hardest part is choosing to sit each day, but Read More

Share the Love

On this day before Valentine’s Day, I am feeling inspired by the incredible evening I had last night at the JCC in Manhattan.  (Thank you Sharon!)  I was thrilled to attend an evening with Sharon Salzberg entitled, “How Meditation Changes the Lives of Read More


Start Small

I am thrilled to be joining all of you once again this year for the 28 Day Meditation Challenge! As we begin again in 2015 with our meditation challenge, I am reminded of what a challenge it is.  I have Read More

Here we go!

I was away this week, as we are winding down our 28 Day Meditation Challenge and while away, I noticed the profound effects of my meditation practice seeping into my life.  Love that!

May all beings be happy ♡