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Day 13

I was quite excited for this meditation because it was similar to yesterday.  However, I found my mind wandering more than usual.  What was interesting is that i noticed the chair i was sitting on rather than the tea. After Read More

Day 12

I agree with Sharon, this eating meditation was quite powerful. I am typically a fast eater at work and home, which probably explains my upset stomach. However, today I slowed down and absolutely enjoyed eating my banana. I noticed the Read More

Day 11

Did not connect to this walking meditation. I felt over aware of my body as well as to the things around me. Also, felt a little nauseous. Will try this again.

Day 10

Amazing body scan meditation. Felt very relaxed…. maybe a little too relaxed. I came close to following asleep at least that is what I think.However, at the same time I felt very aware of my each sensation and ache throughout Read More

Day 9

I enjoyed this meditation. Connecting to the sensation was interesting. My thoughts wandered less. I also felt sensitize sound.

Day 8

This meditation is a little frustrating for me. Today  I feel very distracted by my thoughts. Found myself focusing back on the breath or wanting to count rather than on my body. I plan to practice this again today. I Read More

First Week Complete!

My initial thought is, wow, it went super fast. However,  I believe I have gained such helpful information. For example the counting to 10 as well as today’s meditation, replacing the thought with it is not breath. I like this Read More

Just One Breath

This concept is so simple.  For me it took the pressure off some. I focused on one breath and one sensation at a time.

Counting to ten

Today, i felt more comfortable with this method of counting to 10. I noticed after a few reps i was focusing on the sensation of my belly raising then counting.  My distractions were limited.  Will continue to practice this one.

One Word

Yes, this method seemed helpful.  I was noticing my abdomen when breathing then would think “up”. Allowed me to focus on the physical experience more. Will try this again.

May all beings be happy ♡