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Words and Counting

Speaking just for myself, adding a word to the breath meditation didn’t work. It seemed to be at cross-purposes: part breath-focused, part mantra. For me, much better to do one or the other. On the other hand, adding the count Read More

Sounds Abound

A little late with this post…but a few observations from “watching” sounds. It was easy to let exterior sounds just pass through, like the noise made by a car driving by. The sound of breath just came and went, too. Read More

Day 1 observations

Sitting and noticing the breath. Feeling the familiar energy flow. One breath follows another. Then my alter ego, the black cat, decides that he needs attention, now. Rubbing, purring, gumming (he doesn’t have many teeth left). A distraction? Yes, and Read More

Laziness as distraction

This is the 2nd go-round for this series. Done lots of reading over the years, but laziness often wins when it comes to sitting. So, here we go again!  

May all beings be happy ♡