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Day 4, In and 1

Counting the breath is helpful to me in many ways. It simplifies the meditation, it makes it familiar. It makes it effortless. It’s something comfortable. One. Two. Three. I’m meditating in a new space, it’s the first time I’ve meditated Read More

Hi Everyone!

Here we are again for another month of meditations. I would love to know how many of you are returning from last year’s sessions and who are the new practitioners. See you all tomorrow for another journey into ourselves!

Continuing practice

When I began today’s meditation I was going over the entire month in my mind, remembering how much I enjoyed telling my friends and coworkers that I had a meditation practice and how much I enjoyed it. I was just Read More

Mindful Eating

I wish I had not been so ravenous when I sat down to my dinner this evening. But it gave me good practice to slow down and really experience each bite. If this practice would help me to lose weight Read More

Walking Part Deux

Today’s walking was a bit easier, I had mapped out my area with the pervious walk so I just followed the same path. I was pleased to find that my usually painful feet were just a little less so, and Read More

Body scan meditation

Today I was deep into the body scanning process, not naming the sensations, just feeling myself .Trying to release some knots from the back of my neck. Apparently so focused that when I got to my feet I realized my Read More

Walking with Zeke

I guess I should mention that since day 1 I have been playing the audio on speaker because my cat, Zeke, seems to enjoy it. Today he was VERY confused and looked concerned that I was pacing the kitchen floor Read More


Today I felt extremely anxious during the meditation. I don’t usually become distracted easily, but today I was constantly vigilant that some bad, negative or horrible thought would appear. Things that would never have concerned me in the past were Read More

Being kind to myself

I have to say that I am connected to this practice because it’s so simple. Since simplicity is my focus word for the year, I am totally enjoying the relaxed  casual feeling I’m getting from Sharon. And because Sharon is Read More

Counting Sneezes

I nearly restarted the audio when I sneezed 10 times during the session but then I just started counting the sneezes as breaths.  I was still breathing, after all!!