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Hello 2016!

Hello 2016 Challenge! Happy to be here with you all and looking forward to a month of practice together xo BYS


2015 Word Cloud

It has been wonderful to sit with everyone for another year of the Real Happiness Challenge. Thank you all for your honest posts and for your willingness to explore so boldly! Here is a word cloud from our collective posts Read More


What I love about the Meditation Challenge is how it creates designated, intentional space for community in what is otherwise, for myself at least, a deeply personal, individual practice. It gives voice to the happiness we’re all seeking, whether we Read More

May You Be Happy!

For most of this month I’ve been isolated at a beach house in North Carolina, writing. It’s off-season so there’s no one around, and I stocked up on groceries so I hardly even have to venture to the deserted grocery Read More

Slow Walkers

Sometimes during my workday I create the illusion that I need to be somewhere immediately. It starts when I get off the F train at Bryant Park and I begin the slow trudge up the stairs towards my workplace. There Read More

Metta, past and present…

My first exposure to the metta practice was just a couple years ago, at a sitting led by Sharon. It felt like revolution. The idea that having compassion for others might be predicated on first having compassion for myself wasn’t Read More



Days like today remind me how grateful I am for Metta and how it helps me frame and hold my experiences. Today was a lot of physical pain and discomfort for me, so I metta-ed and then rested, slept and Read More

metta vs. envy round one

Metta is the hardest for me – apparently both to practice and to write about. How to engage my brain enough to repeat the phrases without letting it get overstimulated? Sometimes I just focus on the final word: happy, peaceful, Read More