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When Life Interrupts

It’s too late. I don’t have time this morning. I don’t need it today. I’m tired. I have quite a healthy selection of distractions at my disposal before I take the plunge to sit down and actually meditate. I’ve put Read More

Mindfulness in the midst…

This past Thursday, I attended the marriage of two friends at the DC Superior Court. Two deeply individualistic guys, they are; and somehow, despite so many odds that most of us couldn’t wrap our heads around, they found each other. Read More

Settling into Neutral

It’s been a full week. I have been thinking about how often I feel busy, and have been wondering how to make some changes there. As I have rolled it around in my mind, I have begun to wonder if I Read More

a banana, a demon, a practice

I woke up late this morning, but still determined to do a full practice.   I started with pranayama practice, as I do whenever I have time or need to jolt myself awake. As I finished kapalabhati my stomach growled Read More

On mudras.

I’ve been thinking about mudras in meditation practice lately. Mudras (hopefully) being the answer to the question, “What do I do with my hands during meditation?” Resting my palms on my legs never seems to work. I can get by, Read More

Zoning In/Zoning Out

Yesterday, as I was waiting for the B69 bus on 7th Avenue after a grocery shop spree at the co-op, I got lost in thought as I fixed my gaze at the ground in front of me. I don’t actually Read More

In the gathering-in of things

It’s been hit or miss this week. Mais ou menos, more or less. When I think about my practice, I often go straight for the book-learning. I’m so good at it. With my academic bent and inclination for structure—and my Read More