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Day 28 • Interconnectedness Meditation

Congratulations on completing a month of daily meditation! Make sure to celebrate this accomplishment! I have found great value in many of the exercises, an even more value in sharing insights each day. Sharon’s Real Happiness lessons and guided meditations Read More

Day 27 • Meditation on Compassion

I love, love, love today’s meditation exercise! Over the past decade, there have been several very difficult, oppressive people who (at the time) had stood in the way of goals I had set for myself. Encounters with them would trigger Read More

Day 26 • Lovingkindness Toward All Beings

Perceive, interpret, evaluate, label, classify, categorize, rank. Then decide: Seek, avoid. Mine, not mine. Include, dismiss. Love, hate. Our brains and bodies evolved to perform these behaviors almost reflexively. Even single celled organisms demonstrate basic preference/aversion behavior. At a very Read More

Day 25 • Lovingkindness Toward Others

It is easy to love someone when they are loveable. As Whole-Life Leaders, the far greater opportunity for us is to learn to genuinely value and appreciate those who are, at times, unloveable. Every relationship has the capacity to show Read More

Day 24 • Opening the Heart

“The moment that we recognize we’ve been distracted is like the magic moment in the practice. Because this is the time we have the chance to be really different.” Sharon Salzberg It is important to recognize that what we do Read More

Day 23 • Walking Lovingkindness

Unhealthy conditioned thought patterns interfere with our ability to experience and express unconditional goodwill. Today’s meditation practice creates an opportunity for us to consciously evolve unhealthy conditioned thought patterns into healthier ones. “When another person makes you suffer, it is Read More

Congratulations on completing three weeks of mindfulness meditation practice! This has been a healing, insightful month for me, and I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with you! On day one, I asked why this meditation challenge feels Read More

May all beings be happy ♡