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Day 17 • Meditation on Difficult Emotions

The only thing interfering with our ability to experience joy in this moment are our thoughts about this moment. Even in the empty depth of wrenching heartache and despair, joy can be found: I speak from personal experience here. Whatever Read More

Day 15 • Mental Notation Meditation

Taken one breath at a time, life reveals mystery and intrigue at every turn. An adventure is always available, though it is not always easy to see it as such. There are times when I lose touch with my breath Read More

Day 14 • Washing Dishes Meditation

Everyday activities such as dishes, laundry, or even just washing our hands offer unparalleled opportunities to dismantle the misconceptions which block our ability to experience fulfillment. Throughout the day, we can ask ourselves: Where is the space in this moment? Read More

Day 13 • Drinking Tea Meditation

In the meditations this week, Sharon is helping us to more intentionally shift awareness away from our thoughts and on to our actions. This practice grounds us more completely in a living reality instead of a conceptual one. As we Read More

Day 12 • Eating Meditation

Sharon’s “subtle topic” today is about missing out on experiences of fulfillment. Let’s do a quick experiment: take a minute to mentally scan through the activities you did yesterday. What percentage of those activities would you say you performed without Read More

Day 11 • Walking Meditation 2

The thing I love about today’s meditation is that it helps us experience a meditative mindset to while active and engaged in the world. In today’s meditation, we practiced walking at a normal pace with “quiet eyes” and a “softened Read More

Day 10 • Body Scan Meditation

Here is a poem I wrote back in 2008 after a very deep meditation. I hope you enjoy! “For My Mom” When you see a bird, you instantly get still, and watch and listen with your whole body. He sings Read More

Day 9 • Sensation Meditation

I woke up very late today, feeling like I had been crushed under a ton of bricks. So today’s Body Sensation meditation was very well timed. Sharon suggested today that: “This practice gives us an ability to find freedom, whatever Read More

Day 8 • Walking Meditation 1

I remember my first walking meditation vividly. I was at writing retreat in September 2009. I was with a group of 30 people I had met only hours before at a rustic Maryland campsite. With very little instruction from the Read More

Day 7 • Distraction Meditation

As Whole-Life Leaders, we have chosen to navigate our vast landscape of responsibilities with integrity, curiosity, compassion, and discernment (among other qualities). Throughout our day, we are naturally at the center of many high-impact decision points in all aspects of Read More

May all beings be happy ♡