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Day 6 • Meditation on Balance

I was in the kitchen one day leaning against the oven, looking out the window to the birch trees that lined our back yard. It was a cloudy day, with heavy, gusting winds. I saw a robin sitting on a Read More

Day 5 • How Do You Speak to Yourself

Who are we beyond the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves? Only when we become still can we experience the answer to that question. In becoming still, we stop all stories for a time, and let go of the scripted Read More

Day 4 • Counting Meditation

Sharon shared today that “success in meditation is measured not in terms of what is happening to us, but by how we relate to what is happening.” Relating successfully is an inner phenomenon, and is therefore independent of outer circumstances. Read More

Day 3 • Mental Noting

For many people, selecting a word to lightly focus our attention on while we meditate can help support a new or deepening meditation practice. Personally, if I have had a particularly challenging or chaotic day, and I am aware that Read More

Day 2 • Hearing Meditation

In today’s meditation, Sharon said “Simply notice that sound arises, we have a certain response to it, and there’s a little space in between those two.” In my experience, that space is where creativity, responsibility, and high-quality leadership arise. When Read More

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