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No Judgement?

As we embark on this journey of being mindful and becoming more aware of our thoughts it is easy to see how often one judges themselves (oh I can’t meditate well I keep thinking, I am horrible at this) or Read More


Metta- defined in Buddhist tradition is the ability to embrace all parts of ourselves and extend it outward to embrace all parts of all beings everywhere. This has come up time and time again when practicing lovingkindness and compassion.  The Read More


This is different than compassion or empathy for another.  Lovingkindness doesn’t mean you accept the other, and yet removes the “othering” all together. Whether it be a bird or a human that comes across your path, wishing them well inside Read More

Kindness and compassion

This. How wonderful it is for myself and others to turn on the compassion in a way we can receive it.  Kindness towards ourselves and then towards others is something people talk about but often find it hard to achieve.  Read More

Hijacked by thoughts or emotions

I like this term being referred to as “Hijacked”by emotions or thoughts, it seems appropriate with the opposite to mean to be hiding, pushing away or repelling our thoughts and emotions.  There must be a middle ground and not always Read More

Happiness….a broad term

Recently I have noticed a lot if people with a personal goal that includes the idea ” I want to find happiness”, or ” I just want to be happy”.  This is repeated through so many individuals and yet no Read More