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Day 16–Meditation on Positive Emotions

I am one day off. It is Day 17 and I am doing the Day 16 meditation.  Even so, it was pleasant to revisit positive emotions.  I remember this meditation from past years.  It makes gratefulness concrete for me.  What Read More

Day 10–Body Scan

I am getting to this mediation late.  It is the first day I have missed!  The weekend was oddly hectic.  The body scan felt good.  In the past I have been resistant to this meditation, but this time I felt Read More

Day 8–Walking Meditation

This is my first time doing a walking meditation.  When I did the Real Happiness Challenge in past years, I was listening to the meditations in my car, so I disregarded the ones that I could not do sitting. This Read More

Day 4–Counting the Breath

Today I have a cold. It is interesting how it affects my attention.  On the one hand I am more conscious of sensations in my body and my breathing.  On the other hand I feel fuzzy from lack of sleep Read More

Day 3–Mental Noting

So far so good.  As others have said, I am grateful for this time to practice.  Doing the blog also makes me feel more accountable.  Even if no one reads it, it makes me feel as if I “need” to Read More

Meditation on Sound

Today’s meditation was interesting, allowing sound.  I was both more relaxed and seemingly more distracted by the sounds of television, the washing machine, my breathing.  Before I knew it the time was over.  However, later today I had the great Read More

Day 1

This is my third year doing the Real Happiness Challenge and my first as a blogger. The past two years I listened to the meditations in my car.  This year I decided to take the sitting part more seriously and Read More

May all beings be happy ♡