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So THAT’s What Emotions Are For!

I was dead to my emotions for as long as I can remember. I numbed myself to any emotions I felt. I thought emotions were signs of weakness. I couldn’t afford to be weak. At least that’s what I told Read More

Now I Metta Myself to Sleep

I use a form of the lovingkindness meditation each night. It’s the last thing i do before falling asleep. i experience this to be a wonderful way to drift off into a restful night of sleep. The meditation’s not perfect. Read More

Learning to Walk with My Son

I added walking meditation to my meditation practice when my son was born six months ago. My first experience with meditation was with the body scan. I then moved on to a sitting practice. While I had heard of walking meditation, I Read More

Just Rolling with It to Begin Again

One focus of Week 1 was the art of letting go of thoughts and beginning again. Letting go of thoughts and beginning again has been hard for me to do most of my life. Learning to acknowledge a thought and Read More

Just Rolling with It Into the Challenge

I’m feeling excited to be writing again for this year’s challenge. A lot’s changed for me since last year’s challenge – 1 – I’ve been in the messy middle ground much longer than I originally anticipated 2 – I feel like my Read More

Week 4 and Thanks

A couple of thoughts stick with me as I think about bringing a meditation practice to my work life, in the context of Real Happiness at Work. The first is how hard it feels to bring the train to a Read More

May all beings be happy ♡