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A Blog of Sweet Souls

Each day I have been reading a few blog posts and choosing one to comment on.  The sweet souls who come to this virtual gathering share their humanity in the blog. From simple observations, to stirring revelations with these little snapshots Read More

Peace Muscles

My mind was pulling on the rope throughout the session today. I am hurting from the character and acts of the president.  I’m scared. I’m angry. I feel the need to speak and to act so as not to give Read More

Sleepy? Let it be.

This evening’s meditation was a challenge since I am quite tired.  I don’t usually get sleepy in meditation but there it was.  After listening to Sharon’s guidance in creating a balance between energized and calm states, I was ready to Read More

State of My Union

Oh boy, I was just face to face with feelings that are negative, angry, scared, anxious and all together overwhelming.  I’ve been allowing myself to indulge in negative emotions in regards to a person and his acts. It’s not good Read More

Words are seductive

When I sit, breathe and relax my mind and body, I love guiding my mind to follow the flow of air. I am aware of sensations as the air goes up my nostrils. I picture it passing by the air Read More

There’s my friend –

I don’t know how people get through life without meditation.  I say this often because I know it has saved me, saved me from psychic pain that will inevitably spill out onto the world around me as well as chew Read More

Wonderful to be here now – again.

This is like a family reunion with a family I feel though can not see. This family of heart and soul will share a whole month of loving insights through our meditation together.  It amazes me how  awareness of you Read More

Hearing with Soul

Preparing myself, I chose to be aware of myself as essentially a soul. An essence that entered my baby body, is with me through til now, and will go on beyond this me.  I searched for my soulness feeling it Read More

Waking up

It’s 4am … not my usual start time. Realizing I was in the fold of this grace-filled community once again, I woke with excitement,  And so, I breathe-in and out, pulling my thoughts over and again back to the sweet, Read More

May all beings be happy ♡