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Mental noting is an anchor for my practice. Today I am reminded of the power of words. Wave is my word, it feels neutral, not  a negative or positive distraction. Wave helps me to connect my body and mind to Read More

Lovingkindness for my child

May you be well (mentally, physically, and mentally), may you be happy and spread happiness, may you be at peace and peaceful, may you be loved and loving. #Commit2sit #RealHappinessChallenge  

“Explode with life…”

Lovingkindness meditation is a source of peace for my mind. As a worrier, I find using this meditation can shift me to accept my angst. This tool has empowered me as a daughter, mother, wife and friend. In these moments Read More

“Welcome Back”

I am triggered to relax and open myself to meditate when I hear Sharon say, “Welcome back.” During today’s mediation Sharon provided three grounding questions: “What sensations are present in my body?,” “What am I feeling now?,” and “Whats happening?” Read More

Mindful Valentine.

Be my mindful Valentine. “This is what’s happening now.” I’m looking into your eyes and I’m touching your warm wrinkled hand. Hearing my calm and reassuring breath as the scent of morning coffee delights. “Its OK,” let these emotions arise, acknowledge Read More


What was especially interesting or surprising for you these past seven days? #RealHappinessChallenge#commit2sit Interesting: how many opportunities throughout the day to shift awareness to the breath, how the breath helps me to ‘let go’ of the distraction ‘du jour’, how Read More

“Be available.”

Concentration-Day 5 @SharonSalzberg, thank you for the many gems in today’s lesson. Here are some of my favorite phrases: ‘magic moments,’ ‘be different,’ ‘begin again,’ and ‘That’s life: starting over, one breath at a time.” Today I became aware of Read More