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Love Is All You Need

So I have been terrible about posting during the 28 day challenge, but I have been doing the daily meditation. This loving kindness section is a tough one and a good one.  I struggle with letting go of anger towards Read More

Walkin Blues

Going from sitting and focusing on specific things to walking is a different world.  I enjoyed this walking exercise as it gives you a different focus other than the breath.  Using your mind to focus on specific things whether it’s Read More

One and Two and Thee and …….

As we continue into the fourth day we started with breathing and then listening.  We moved on to noting yesterday and today we are counting. I find it pretty easy to get distracted before I reach ten.  The good thing Read More

Day 2 – Listening

This second day listening ended quit interestingly.  The KC Chiefs just won the Superbowl and as I sat down to do my meditation lesson, fireworks were going off all over the city. Listening is great, you notice a lot of Read More

Day One – Where we begin?

I’m relatively new to Mindfulness Meditation.  A good friend of mine several months ago sent me a copy of Sharon’s book and said that I would really be amazed at how good you feel as you learn and grow with Read More