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It’s Farewll, Not Goodbye

Thanks to all, especially Sharon and Ambika for their patience and wisdom. I enjoyed reading every post and when I could, I tried to comment.

Victim of Routine

I had every intention to sit this morning and then I did something I never do; I forgot to set my alarm.

Happy for a Reason

I’ve been pondering the whole idea of working with difficult emotions over the last couple of days.

Truth and Consequences

I’ve become a little obsessed lately with the whole concept of ‘truth.’ In part, it is because I am constantly surprised at what some people define as ‘truthful’ speec

Peace and Quiet

I made the mistake of watching TV this past weekend. I generally watch too much television but I think it’s mostly as an element of distraction.

Faith and Reason

One of the first books I read about Buddhism was Sharon Salzberg’s book Faith. It is a wonder

High Anxiety

Today I read a wonderful post by Marguerite Manteau-Rao at her blog MindDeep about the nature of anxiety.

Wobbly but True

Week two is settling in for me and as such, my meditation seems to be coming around, too.  I was a little worried at the beginning of the challenge because I’d been quite remiss about ke