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Focusing on Feelings

This has been my favorite meditations in the series so far. Sharon touched on many feelings I can have that bring dis-ease like guilt for feeling good. There is so much suffering in the world, for example, small children in Read More

Not Breath

Day 8: I’ve listened to the day 7 meditation several times. Dividing the world into “breath” and “not breath” is such a basic task and yet so challenging. Today’s focus on moving meditation, is a little harder since moving is Read More

Day 4: Ease-y

Today felt ease-y. I wondered how meditation became so hard. Listening to Sharon talk thru the technique of counting breaths. Her count was too fast for me but I adapted it to mentally saying “1 (2,3,4) for the inhale, then Read More

Committing Still

I’m here with surprising commitment. I sat up on the edge of my bed first thing after waking up, grabbed my iPad from the floor and played the meditation. It was lovely, short and quite do-able. I could feel the Read More

Silent Sounds and Misophonia

This sound meditation was profound for me. I was listening to Sharon’s voice explaining sound as an object of meditation and anticipating: “this will be great, she’s got my full attention and I can’t wait to see what unusual sounds Read More


A friend suggested this challenge today so I didn’t have time to totally dismiss it or run from the commitment. Since I believe today was the last day to register, I just did it.  I teach people how to be Read More