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“We’re looking to cultivate tranquility and energy, calmness and alertness, relaxation and investigation.” Harmony. Balance. Like a lot of us, this is my biggest struggle. I have a very task focused mind, and I compartmentalize very well. This serves me Read More


How far I’ve come. It’s easy to forget. But, before I began this journey 10 years ago I was drowning in self-loathing. Every moment of wakefulness was spent berating myself. I’d battled suicidal ideation for most of my life. I Read More


This meditation made me hyper aware of my other senses. I work diligently to ignore or muffle my senses these days. Spinal surgery in late 2018 brought my nerves to life and now my sense world is too alive and Read More

Still here.

I’m overthinking this post. I want what I say to be true, so I’ve scoured through posts seeing what others have said. I’ve attempted to complete this month’s challenge several times in the past. Life happens, laziness happens, and poof Read More


Today, I am starting. How is it February? I had major surgery 6 weeks ago and return to work tomorrow. The time recovering has flown. Honestly, I would have forgotten to practice tonight, again, but I’m anxious… seriously, anxious. Anxious Read More

May all beings be happy ♡