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Thank you!

I have had a great time doing this. I had already committed to daily practice, but I will make a formal commitment to ten minutes a day through March. I can re-evaluate then, and see if there is another formal Read More

Day 25

I remember this from the book, but I think I skipped over the idea of purposefully choosing people in their roles in my life. Instead, when I do this, I usually start with my family, and one by one offer Read More

Lovingkindness directed within

All beings deserve happiness is easier to contemplate as all beings, or maybe all of you. To start with me feels… selfish? Maybe. It’s more like yes, yes, of course all beings includes me, but I don’t need to say that. If it is Read More

Metta walk

Another walking meditation? Oh, no! I was much relieved to find it was at regular speed. I generally walk to my local coffeehouse on Sundays and used that walk to complete this exercise. I felt so good when I arrived, and Read More

All beings want to be happy.

We currently have a display in my library of military uniforms and one of our patrons recognized an insignia from his days in the service. So I went over to the display and he told me stories, told me about Read More

Grateful for the transcript –

For whatever reason, my head will not settle down this morning. Reading through the transcript, I see that we are to “weave mindfulness” into our day. This morning, my thoughts wove more thoughts into my meditation, and all that brought Read More

Fear in rage and fear in joy

So I had picked a moment that made me happy in the past, and a moment of rage, and as I examined each to watch the shifting emotions, I noticed fear in both. In the joyful moment – which was Read More

I may need to do this one again

I don’t know if I’m fighting a bug or am just experiencing a low-level whatever. My mind adds on all sorts of dire thoughts… it’s cancer, it’s diabetes, it’s never going to change, do I have enough sick leave? So I Read More

  Here’s something – my insomnia woke me about an hour ago. I wrestled with it a little, but then got up, did some chores, and have time now to do a 20 minute meditation before I meet with people. Read More