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This morning the sound meditation was something I don’t usually do, so it was fresh to try again. I sat and listened and noticed the sounds.  The humidifier whirring in my apartment, my cats running by as they enjoy their Read More

Daily Sitting

Following my breath when I sit… not thinking about the next breath or the last breath feels like a relief. The only thing I pay attention to is this breath, this inhale, this exhale. As thoughts arise, I make a Read More

My friend, the breath

It always feels like a little celebration, the moment when I’ve become aware that my mind wandered and I come back to my breath. Sharon’s description in the first meditation of my breath like a friend, like recognizing a friend Read More

Begin Again

Beginning Again is a wonderful concept for meditators. No matter where my mind has wandered, as soon as I become aware of the wandering, I can begin to pay attention to my breath again… and again… and again. So, if Read More

Concentration and Mindfulness

When I first learned concentration, I could understand the simplicity of observing my breath and when my mind wanders or becomes distracted, just come back to my breath. Mindfulness was more of a challenge for me until Sharon used the Read More

Daily practice

How did I start? When I first became curious to understand more about meditation, having a daily practice felt so foreign and unattainable to me. I started wondering at the end of a yoga class, when we sit still following Read More


A word that keeps arising everywhere for me is Equanimity. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing Allan Lokos speak about Equanimity.

Day 1

Day 1 of my first blog…