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A Stitch in Time

Forever There is space There is time Running parallel Lines of the same Thread through the holy eye Of THE needle Somewhere Way out there It floats In the cosmos Beyond your wildest dreams Until one day You sit down And it falls in Read More

What’s Expensive is Free–Or Vis a Vis

I am going to make mine poetic, meaningful stream of consciousness posts this year!   Focus. It’s a commodity. It’s very expensive … … when distraction is everywhere … … distraction is free. More and more of it. Everywhere. Custom-made. Fits Read More

Inside and Out

So many simple phrases that mask the most complex of human experiences. One of them that came to mind, on this our last of the 28-day challenge was: “You can’t really love anyone else until you love yourself.” How many Read More

Tripping Into Grace

Being an independent soul–as most people term me and I have come to admit myself to be–the concept of discipline is one that involves process to arrive at. The process goes something like this: a technique resonates and sounds very Read More

You Are Massive

  One time I read somewhere, and I paraphrase but quote: “what would happen if when we were asleep, everything–I mean every, single thing–grew to 100 times its size … or shrank just as much. The rule would be that Read More

Pasha and me just after a sit.

Make ‘Em Wait for a Better You

I keep saying my cat is my guru, kind of joking. Kind of not. Tonight, when I really thought about it, I was able to explain to myself why this is little saying, about this little furry guy in my life, Read More



This is my fourth Feb monthly meditation challenge. I credit the daily sitting practice that I have developed ENTIRELY to this challenge and encourage everyone to go strong! Stick with this month, and you’re on your way to a really valuable Read More

What’s really under the hood

The longer you close your eyes awake, the more you see. But it makes people uncomfortable. Not a lot of people–even me a few years ago–would admit that it even does that, though.

“Will You Marry Me”~Body

Of course, we want a mind free from thinking. But in terms of daily sits and busy lives, it's more about getting there through the time you sit than expecting it right away.