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Those cravings – Holy cow!

The challenge yesterday was mindful eating, but before I got Sharon’s mail with the instructions I decided to have a tea ceremony and drink a cup of my favorite tea. I took out a very small cup because I knew the tea would cool off quicker Read More

What have I been missing?

I haven’t written for some days now. Caught a cold and felt sorry for myself. Did the meditations that Sharon sent us, but skipped the blogging part. Oh well, such is life. I’m here now. 🙂 WALKING meditation… A few years Read More

Not the breath

First week completed! Concentration in 7 different ways and I learned from all of them, but the once I’ll carry with me is Hearing Meditation and today’s Distraction Meditation. Why? Hearing Meditation –  because I get to practice letting go of Read More

Each breath is a gift

“You are Born by Breath.   You Live by Breath.   You Shall Die with Breath.   Breath is Your Ultimate Master.   Do you Ever Breathe Consciously?”   Yogi Bhajan Right effort comes to mind after listening to Sharon’s guided meditation on balance this Read More

If I can turn back time…

Day 5 My challenge for this month is to write this blog about my meditation experiences – what is going on in there while I’m sitting doing nothing…? Now I wish I’d not taken on that challenge, because I have nothing Read More

One, two, three, boooring…

My ego find this counting breaths very boring and I think it’s because it cannot take my on a thinking joyride… I was able to stay focused most of the time which made it even more boring ? It’s amazing Read More

I breathe in frid, I breathe out frid

I use mental noting quite often in my daily practice, but since I quit the mantra meditations in the kundalini yoga tradition I haven’t used a mantra. When Sharon suggested to pick a word I did. The word I picked was FRID Read More

What’s that sound?

Being surrounded by nineteen 3-5 year olds all day long I’m grateful to get to the silence of my home in the Swedish countryside. Here, it’s all quiet! Or is it? I can hear the sounds of the heater, the fridge, the wind, the cat eating… Read More

It’s only one breath

Morning sit, I have time for 45 min… I use Insight Timer as a tool and this morning more virtual friends than usual are online. I feel grateful for this sangha ? The cat is out and window open, so Read More

29 days of February

February will be here soon and I’ve signed up for the 28 day challenge with Sharon. I already have a daily practice so to meditate daily is not much of a challenge for me, but blogging about it will be! Read More