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Day 27: Meditation on Compassion

When interacting with people I don’t see eye-to-eye with, I’ve always tried to remind myself that we never know what others are going through at any given moment. Today’s lovingkindness meditation reminded me of that, reminded me to look at Read More

Day 25: Lovingkindness Toward Others

Today’s lovingkindness meditation focused on other people: someone who has shown me kindness, a friend whose life is going well, a friend who is struggling, someone who is mildly difficult and someone who has been very difficult. I truly believe Read More

Day 23: Walking with Lovingkindness

My walking meditation today was in the rain, and unfortunately I couldn’t aim lovingkindness at others passing by because no one else was walking in the rain. But as I wished myself happiness and peace, other people who have been Read More

Day 22: Lovingkindness and Seeing the Good

Today’s meditation kicked off the final week of the challenge that focuses on lovingkindness. I have always enjoyed lovingkindness meditations, both for myself and for other people. Thinking about something good I did yesterday was the perfect way to get Read More

Day 21: Landscape of Experience

I feel like today was the first time during this third week of the challenge that I was fully in the meditation for the entire duration. My mind wasn’t wandering as much, and when it did baby step away from Read More

Day 20: Meditation on Changing Emotions

“Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope; a slight change, and all patterns and configurations alter.” ~Sharon Salzberg This meditation helped me realized that, just like feelings of joy and happiness, feelings like anger, frustration and disappointment, are all fleeting. Whether Read More