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Day 14: Washing Dishes Meditation

I never mind washing dishes, but I definitely zone out while I’m doing it. Today’s meditation kept me in the moment as I focused on the soap bubbles, the warm water, the clinking of the dishes in the drying rack Read More

Day 13: Afternoon Tea Meditation

It surprises me sometimes to think about how many things I do on a daily basis while also doing something else. I eat breakfast while checking email. I pack my kids’ school lunches while the cat eats and I add Read More

Day 12: A Salmon Eating Meditation

For someone who eats lunch at her desk every day, an eating meditation seems like a pretty radical idea. Sometimes it takes me a half hour to eat. Not because I’m focusing on and enjoying each bite, but because I’m Read More

Day 10: Body Scan Meditation

I’ve always had mixed feelings about body scan meditations. When I first started meditation years ago, I found body scans to be boring and avoided them whenever I logged onto my guided meditation app. But the more I do body Read More

May all beings be happy ♡