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Sweeping Together

I just finished Tara Brach’s ten day Radical Compassion challenge with Sounds True. There’s a Buddhist saying about meditation that you’re either sitting in meditation or sweeping the garden courtyard. She spoke about how some people who meditate have meaningful Read More

The Pain Of Love, Please Be Well Sharon

I was shocked by the email this morning saying Sharon had a medical emergency and had been hospitalized. I’ve been crying all day. Feeling selfish that in the midst of Sharon’s health struggles all I can think of is how Read More

Idlewild, Tranquil & Alert

I read Robert Caro’s Personal History in the New Yorker Turning Every Page, Unearthing the secrets of the L.B.J. archives; or I read the first few pages. It’s a long read about LBJ’s crazen power hungry rise in the political Read More

The Storm Is Passing Over

Brené Brown says the opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance, it’s having enough. We live in a culture of scarcity where we’re never enough. We never look good enough, get enough done, have enough stuff, meditate enough, get enough sleep, or Read More

Note Thy Self

I noticed that the word note has various meanings: the written version commincatiting something- reminiscent of me getting in trouble for passing notes in class in middle school, the mental note used as a gentle reminder in our meditation practice, Read More

We’ll Muddle Through Somehow

I’m visiting NY, meeting up with my 22 year old niece who graduated college in Vancouver last May and has never been to NY. She has a travel blog, and we’re both super excited. My nephew, her 18 year old Read More

Bah Humbug! To Valentines

My friend who’s gay and single and kinda lonely posted an anti Valentines Instagram that had Candy Hearts the read “Meh” “You Suck” and “Get Lost.” This holiday is not a happy one for many single not necessarily by choice Read More