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Bah Humbug! To Valentines

My friend who’s gay and single and kinda lonely posted an anti Valentines Instagram that had Candy Hearts the read “Meh” “You Suck” and “Get Lost.” This holiday is not a happy one for many single not necessarily by choice Read More

I Give Myself Permission To Be Hurt By Love

Brené Brown has a wonderful ritual of writing yourself Permission Slips. When she first went on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday she explained in her jeans pockets were Post It’s with Permission Slips. One said “Permission to wear my fancy Read More

Let Sunday Be Sunday

I think endlessly of all the exciting or nerve wracking things that might be, Future tripping as it’s sometimes called. In Addiction Medicine we say “Yesterday is Hiatory and tomorrow is Mystery.” So all that matters is now, and when Read More

Hygge, Being Enough, Thank You Lottie

The Swedish term Hygge is translated as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” The opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance; it’s that there’s enough. This concept of enough translates into- I got enough done today, I got enough sleep, and that I Read More

They Can’t Tear Down Our Love 💕

When I did my Pediatrics Residency at St Vincent’s in Manhattan I rotated through the Neonatal ICU known as the NICU. The NICU was by far the most stressful rotation I ever did. The NICU Nurses were salty and tough Read More

No What Ifs

In 2012 I went through a third round of IVF in three years for fertility treatment. I found Dr. Yang who’s a Psychiatrist and Acupucturist who taught my TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine module in my Integrative Medicine Fellowship. He did Read More

May all beings be happy ♡