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May all beings…

Three days left in this 28-day meditation retreat to be so imperfect, so flawed, so incapable. So totally unlearned in anything that’s being taught. Today’s meditation is about sending kind thoughts to all beings. May all beings be happy, safe, Read More

“My Little Helper”

Yesterday I followed a suggestion imbedded in Sharon’s meditation: to give a name to my negative self-critic, offer her a cup of tea and a nice nap. I decided to use my first name. I normally go by my middle Read More


A gathering—us, of course—an intimate group of nearly 20,000 eager souls. Sitting, meditating, listening, reading, trying to sense the nowness of this moment. I’m still trying to take this in as I begin my third Challenge. Twenty-eight days. Four neat Read More

Ring the Bell

On a meditation retreat this weekend high in the mountains, my job was to ring a bell each morning at 6:55 to remind my cabin mates that the first sit of the day was imminent. Time to pull on coats Read More

Rising & Falling

After Sharon’s hearing meditation yesterday I went outside and sat by a river that flows below my house. Be with whatever sounds arise. Don’t cling, don’t resist. Don’t judge. Just note. The phoebe singing out her name. The distant rapids Read More

That’s All Right.

Twenty-eight days. Four weeks. Such a neat bundle of time to dedicate oneself to sitting in daily mediation, guided by the wisdom and soothing voice of Sharon Salzberg. How hard could it be? This is my second year for the Read More

Beginning again.

What a time to be. Will dedicate my challenge to the great impermanence that surrounds us. –Iz

Why I’m Here

I’m not doing this so well, this challenge. I’m supposed to be blogging. Others have. I was supposed to sign in before Day 1 and say hello. Others did.  As several said, this is my first blog ever–I mean right Read More

May all beings be happy ♡