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See Yourself in the Middle

“We don’t want to grab it too tightly nor be too loose.”Relaxation and energy,  posture and interest, tranquility and alertness all are ways of expressing the active in between. I love this talk by Sharon. My own experience lately is Read More


Hello again to everyone, all 14000 of you! How wonderful to be able to share this month with you virtually. Due to sleeplessness, my meditation arrived at 3:30 this morning. Because I couldn’t concentrate on sleep due to anxious thoughts about Read More


One of our #realhappiness bloggers, Geli, wrote something I want to support. A well known classical Japanese actor once articulated: “Form is evident when the body and the hands and arms snap into position with a beauty that can only Read More


Hello Everyone! I’m happy to be with you again this year. Concentration. This morning I found that as I was practicing concentration I could feel my desire for insight growing.  I’d thought that once concentration was developed, then one was Read More


My Gurus

I’ve been sharing a running gag with my partner for some time saying things like, “That TSA agent is your guru”, or “This airport are my guru”, or “This year’s polar vortex is my guru”, etc.  It’s funny and gives a Read More



I am truly enjoying participating in this 28 day sitting.  I enjoy the company, the blogs, the support, the compassion, the senses of humor.  And the rigor.  People are doing it and recording real progress (if “progress” is a word Read More

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“Feeling of Ease.”

I have what might be more like a question today. Occasionally, including today, in sitting practice, comes a moment in which all the building blocks seem to click into place and sitting is suddenly easy, balanced, effortless, erect, self supporting, Read More

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opportunity – unperturbed

This morning’s sit was a funny one.  I read the beginning of the Mindfulness chapter in Sharon’s Real Happiness, and decided to start with my breathing, then to watch as bodily sensations arose and disappeared.  Actually, I think I was Read More