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May We All

May we all continue to sit on “good” days. May we all continue to sit on “not so good” days. May we all continue to sit on “meh” days. May we all remember that sitting right in the middle of Read More

Struggle to Take My Seat Today

Iʻm struggling to take my seat on the cushion today. Here’s the truth: I’ve struggled to take my seat on the cushion MANY days this month. So much resistance. Mental resistance. I don’t want to sit right now. Physical resistance. Read More


Sometimes my little piece of the world, my own little corner, Feels so upside down, so topsy-turvy that I want to run away. But where can I run? And what am I really running from? Reality? Myself? I can’t run from Read More

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train on the subway platform makes me nervous. Especially if the train is running late, if that space between trains is too long. You can always tell when the train is running late. The platform fills with Read More

Sitting with THIS body (Day #12)

Oh, this body! What a complicated thing it is! I don’t mean the body itself is complicated. (I mean, no more complicated than most everyone else’s body. Don’t get me wrong, I think the human body can be pretty fantastic. All Read More

Day #1 Looking at Beginner’s Mind

At the beginning. The starting line. Aren’t we always there? One of my favorite boos is ZEN MIND, BEGINNER’S MIND (Shunryu Suzuki.) I’ve read it a few times. And I read (and reread) snippets from it all the time. I Read More

“Begin again.”

“Begin again.” I hear Sharon’s words in my mind (almost) every time I pull out my meditation cushion. And here we are… ready to begin the 28-day meditation challenge again.   It is an honor to practice with all of Read More


every day

i woke up this morning and thought: i donʻt want to sit meditation today i do want to sit meditation today not a new internal debate itʻs the same every day and every day i make a decision science would Read More