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Its 4:15 AM and my son has just woke up for the fourth time tonight.  Negative thoughts and questions of why flood my mind.  So as I crawl back to bed I remind myself of this challenge.  Mediate.  And so Read More

The Only Constant in Life

“The only constant in life is change,” said movement explorer Irmgard Bartenieff, one of my great inspirations. She was the first I heard articulate the life principle that continues to echo through the years. When I knew her in the Read More

Meditating with Spiritual Allies

Day 23 of the 28 Day Meditation Challenge – For this last week of the meditation challenge it is suggested that we practice lovingkindness meditation. My initial response was to work on the practice of self love and acceptance in Read More

Prayer of Light

Four years ago I was pregnant with my daughter. I was doing yoga two to three times a week. I even got my license to teach yoga while being pregnant with her. I avoided prenatal yoga thinking it was going Read More

the alter of the heart

just as i organize my body for todays seated mediation i notice my alter. oh this buddha means so much to me it sat in the corner of the yoga studio i started in vermont many moons ago. oh the Read More

Peeling It Away

Day 17 of the 28 Day Meditation Challenge — For this 3rd week of the Meditation Challenge Sharon has asked that we meditate on mindfulness when it comes to emotions. It’s a unique way to experience and remember emotions without Read More


Lately sitting still for my meditation practice has been difficult. As this challenge moves along this February, I find it harder to sit than I did at the beginning of the month. So with the idea of mindfulness, I am Read More


precisely as I pull myself up to practice this body and mind seem as if an intersection of opposing forces with push pull dynamics crisscrossing the senses. par for the course but today it seems so much more prominent as Read More

A flood of golden light

In twelve days, things can change. My evening meditations migrate to the morning. Impressed, I announce this to my most proximate witness, Jim. He is unimpressed. Knowing my love of a deadline, he says, “You’re under contract!” Okay, it’s true. Read More