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Ch ch ch changes

Day 16 was a fifteen minute sit and day 17 I got interrupted at the twelve minute mark. Day 18 -Thursday’s sit 7:10 till about 7:25 Day 19 – skipped it Day 20 today – will sit later – now Read More

silence and more

Sit 9:30 till about 9:50 Sometimes the process of the “sit” gets too involved. Making time to listen to Sharon’s post.  Making time and space to sit, preferably without interruption from wandering, wondering family, fitting it in before or after Read More


Sit time about 9:40 until 9:54 AM A few days ago, I bought myself one of the “grown up” coloring books that are so popular at the moment. I had bought several others at the Holidays to give as gifts Read More

Sit Struggle

Day 7  Sit time from about 8 until about 8:15  AM Day 8   Sit Ha ha ha ha ha ha Day 9 Sit time from 7:15ish until about 7:30 AM Perspective of walking away sometimes is a good thing. But, Read More

First, I did sit

Sit time about 7:44 till about 8:15 AM I sat way back around 8 this morning and I am just now settling in to sort through the experience in writing. There were things to do, emails to send, young adult Read More


Sit Tonight – 8:40 till about 8:57 PM Purpose can be a struggle. Today was one of those times. I finally sat this evening, knowing that sometimes it is right to do what needs to be done without clarity of Read More

Each breath stands alone

Sit today :  6:55 until about 7:20. AM With today’s sit, I was reminded of how, when I lead a meditation I strive for positive terminology and avoid language that turns the listener’s head to consider something they are doing Read More

Om mantra om mantra om mantra om…

Sit today: 7:35ish  till about 7:50ish Om mantra om mantra om mantra om… Anxiousness without clear reason infiltrated me today. Feeling at loose ends. I could use more sit time today. Have not yet listened to today’s guidance by Sharon. Read More

Let It Be – Paul Sang

Day 2 – Sit today 7:02 till 7:17ish plus hearing meditation time As I sat down in my favorite coffee shop here in NJ and fired up my laptop to write this entry, Paul McCartney’s voice crooned, “Let it be, let Read More

Guidance Appreciated

Day 1 Sit today:  1:40 – 2PM-ish I have a regular practice.  Usually I sit before my day gets underway, somewhere between 7:15 and 8 in the morning.  But today, because of a small handful of plan interruptions, it was Read More