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Metta to the Trees

Walking today, I sent metta to my constant friends, the neighborhood trees, and noted their winter endurance with respect. Below is my reflection. I have been holding onto this first line since earlier this winter, and was finally able to Read More

Taking Time to Feel

Today, our guided meditation focused on the changing nature of emotions. Calling up different emotions while sitting creates a very full practice. Feeling into joy and anger reveals a slew of other feelings and thoughts, and how fluidly they can Read More

Holding and Honoring the Breath

Meditating on the Breath: I place the breath forefront in my awareness; I feel it first, and I give myself permission to just breathe. I experience an inherent forgiveness in letting everything else go but the breath. There is a Read More

Sending Compassion to Anger and Pain

Feeling the pain that lies inside the difficult emotion of anger opens up the experience. I think anger is feared and judged in many cultures, and it is natural for many of us to have internalized those reactions. For me, Read More